Whether this is your first home or your dream home, we are here to guide you through new home ownership.

Welcome Home Period

During the Thrive Companies Welcome Home Period, clients are provided with the information necessary to acclimate to their new home and community. Each client is guided through the one-year limited warranty period and educated about the care and maintenance required of their new home.

One-Year Limited Warranty

If there are suspected workmanship defects in a Thrive Companies home that do not meet our quality standards, the necessary repairs will be made. In support of this commitment, all Thrive clients receive a transferable one-year limited warranty that begins on the day of closing and ends on the one-year anniversary of the closing.


Each Thrive home is constructed with quality materials and the labor of experienced contractors. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, most home components require regular maintenance. Our team has assembled resources and materials to educate clients on the care and maintenance required of their new home.

Additional Information
Introducing ThriveCard

ThriveCard is a free digital pass that lives on the home screen of your phone. It provides exclusive discounts and activities to local businesses around Central Ohio. When you move in to a Thrive apartment or home, you are given access to create an account. Cardholders can use the pass for ongoing and one-time deals, contests, and entrance to exclusive events. Offers and partners are updated regularly, so there is always something new to explore!

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